Gereformeerde kerk Sasolburg fishing competition rules - 28 May 2022. 

  1. Everyone who enters will be placed on a WhatsApp group “GKS Visvang Kompetisie” a few days before the competition. Directions to Biermans will be send out on the group.
  2. Numbered markers (penne) will be placed along the bank every 25m before the competition. If 1 person enters alone he can sit alone at a marker. If 2 people enter together and prefer, they can sit both at one marker. Then their names will be drawn together. If more people want to sit together, they can get more than one marker next to each other, with a maximum of 2 anglers per marker. Then all the people who want to sit together are drawn together. The draw of all the names from a hat will take place on Friday 27 May 16:00. A List of marker numbers and angler names will be placed by Saturday 28 May 05:00 on the WhatsApp group. Late entries will be placed at remaining markers.
  3. Anglers can enter at the gate on Saturday from 06:00. Anglers day visitor fees are included in their entry fee. All other day visitors pay a day visitor fee of R60. Children under 12 years enter for free. You are welcome to have picnics and barbecues, but are not allowed to make open fires on the ground.
  4. Competition: 07:00 - 15:00. Anglers can prepare before 07:00. First lines can be thrown in as soon as the horn blows at 07:00. When the horn blows at 15:00, lines must be drawn. Fish that are already on the line by 15:00 can be reeled in and will count.
  5. Only two rods per angler.
  6. No boats or bait boats or drones, lines must be cast in from the shore.
  7. There will be two moving scales at the end of the competition to weigh fish between 15:00 and 16:00. Only live fish in a good condition will be weighed. Each participant must have his or her own keep net.
  8. All fish must be released again after weighing in. Please handle fish carefully.
  9. Points calculation: Yellow fish and fish below 150g do not count (i.e. they are not weighed or counted and can be released immediately). For the fish left in the keep net: 10 Points per fish. 10 Points per kg (weight of all the fish together). Example: There is a total of 15 fish = 150 points. The weight of the fish together is 22.7 kg = 227 points. Total for the angler for the day = 377 points. Angler with most points receives first prize. Angler with second most points receives second prize. Angler with third most points receives third prize.
  10. Prize giving: 16:00.
    • First prize: Midweek at Dikhololo, 7-12 August 2022, 3 Bedroom, 6 people. R11250.
    • Second prize: Kapama River Lodge – Luxury 5 star hotel, 2 Nights, 2 Persons, meals, selected drinks and game drives included. R10000.
    • Third Prize: R1500 cash.
    • Price for biggest catfish: Dros meal for 2 and full car wash and valet. (Vanderbijlpark). R1000.
    • Price for biggest carp: R1000 cash.
    • Price for biggest grass carp: Legends Pro Angling Hamper.
    • Price for largest mudfish (onderbek): Weekend camp and fishing for 4 persons at “Groot Krokodil Lodge And Pepe’s Pub”.
  11. Raffle at Biermans on 28 May 2022: 23 kg, Gr A2, Lamb worth R2700. Frozen and vacuum packed. R50 per entry.
  12. Please make sure that no rubbish is left on the shore, and that fires have been properly extinguished.
  13. Keep the bathrooms clean.